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timely help to combat urgency

Employed people usually do not have enough money in hands ahead of next payday. In such a circumstance, if some unexpected bills or family urgencies crop-up, cash before payday is helpful to have the monetary assistance. The loan amount from the lenders is usually approved immediately. You can have the cash in your bank checking account within 24 hours for its instant use.

To avail cash from the lenders, however, you have to prove that you are getting regular monthly salary from the current job for past few months at least. Your age for the loan should not be less than 18 years and you should be having a bank checking account also.

You can get £100 to £1500 of cash before payday from the lenders once they are satisfied about your employment status. The loan amount will depend on your monthly salary. You will be approved the loan for a short-term of two weeks, until your next payday. In case you fail to repay on the due date, you can stretch the loan for a month in weekly installments as well.

What is even more beneficial for the borrowers is that they can have the loan amount without any credit checks on them. This implies that you do not have to reveal your bad credit history of late payments, defaults and CCJs to the lenders.

However, a downside associated in borrowing of cash before payday is that it is expensive. Such loans are known for high APR that is surely costly for the people drawing a smaller paycheque. Therefore, borrow an amount that you can easily repay without delay.

It is advisable that you should first compare several lenders for their interest rates. You can find competitive deals of cash before payday from online lenders. Repay the loan on the due date to avoid penalties.


Cash before payday is an advance that you can get instantly in the same day without any credit checks. You can repay the loan amount on next payday. These loans are useful for urgency.

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